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Our brand is about human development and our printed products definitely capture that.


Apparel and non-apparel pieces that shares your Faith.


Towels | Beach Blankets

Own a piece of Jamaica wherever you are. Towels / Beach blankets for your indoor and outdoor use.


Baby Bodysuits

Your baby will enjoy the comfort of this bodysuit, whilst establishing their place in this world.


Welcome to Elijah’s Prints (JA)!

At Elijah’s Prints (JA), we are passionate about helping you unleash your full potential. Our products are designed to fuel your PASSION, encourage you to FLOURISH, and leave a lasting imPRINT on your mind that you are capable of being the best version of yourself.

Our Apparel Line features motivational words, spiritual references, and the vibrant Jamaican culture, making them
suitable for all age groups. We believe that our clothing line is not just a fashion statement, but a tool to uplift and motivate you to achieve greatness.

Our Non-Apparel Line includes housewares and organizational tools purposed for home and school environments. Our products are designed to help you flourish and communicate the Jamaican culture while serving a practical purpose.

Our Personal Development Tools Line offers youth engagement and adult enhancement material available in digital and book formats. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to become the best version of yourself.

Elijah’s Prints (JA) was founded on the belief that we can improve lives. Be encouraged to identify your passion, be inspired by your purpose, make a plan of action, be relentless in achieving your goals, engage discipline, and be determined to enjoy a fulfilled life daily.

We also want to introduce our sister company, Keep Encouraging Yourself, which offers motivational videos for Youth Empowerment for children from Early Childhood to Young Adults, visit our website at or our YouTube channel at

Thank you for choosing Elijah’s Prints (JA). We invite you to view our collections by clicking on this link:

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Keep Encouraging Yourself